We've got some ideas.

(Some are even great ideas)

Internet marketing consulting is the heart of what we do here at Kudzoo Media. We’ve spent most of our careers talking to small business owners with a finite budget who need help deciding where and how they will get the most for their marketing dollars.  Then, we help put those dollars to work.  Kudzoo Media offers Online Consulting and strategy backed by years of experience working with every business size, from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies.

Web Design

Design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about usability and function. Let’s match your online presence to your brand.


Search isn’t about getting to where you want to be, it’s about being where your customers are looking for you. Let us help put you where your customers are.


Social Media isn’t a one-way conversation, it’s a dialogue. When you engage your customers, you create customers for life. Let us help you start a conversation.

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

The Science

Some alleged studies have shown that people with ideas are 98% effective, while only  13% of people without ideas are effective.

People With Ideas


People Without Ideas


Sometimes the hardest part of getting your business off the ground is identifying and selling your unique value proposition.  That’s what we like to do; sell your unique value proposition.  And we have some ideas, which means you can be up to 85% more effective.  #Science