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Kudzoomedia Opens For Business

Kudzoomedia, the premiere Pocatello Internet Marketing firm is now taking new customers across Southeast Idaho.

PRLogApril 25, 2015POCATELLO, IdahoKudzoomedia Marketing and Design has relocated to Pocatello, Idaho and is now preparing to serve small to medium-sized businesses in improving their online visibility.  Kudzoomedia offers:

  1. Local Listing Unification
  2. Local Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Graphic Design Services
  6. Internet Marketing Consultation
  7. And more

Kudzoomedia’s principal founder, Brian Parsons, brings 10 years of experience in design and marketing, as well as advanced certifications and training in online marketing to Southeast Idaho.  For the last 2 years, Brian has worked with everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a management capacity with a nationally awarded, Inc. 500 agency out of Salt Lake City, UT.  When asked about the transition to a smaller market in Pocatello, Brian stated:

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with businesses here in Pocatello.  I’m originally from the South, and so I’m used to the small town pace of life.  There are some fantastic businesses here to work with, and I’m excited to help them improve their online footprint. Small businesses are the heart of this country”

Brian and his wife, Elizabeth Parsons, MD, relocated to Pocatello in July of 2014 with their son, when Elizabeth joined the Pocatello Children’s Clinic as a community pediatrician.

About Your Company: Kudzoomedia was founded in 2004 as a Freelance Graphic Design Service, and expanded it’s reach in 2013 into Internet Marketing and Consultation.  Kudzoomedia provides Local SEO, SEM, Social Media Management and Graphic Design Services to Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Southeast Idaho.  For more information, please contact [email protected], or visit them online at https://kudzoomedia.com.

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