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Professional WordPress Development



Kudzoo Media’s principal built his first website in 2003 using nothing more than HTML code.  Websites have come a long way since that time, both in function and form.  Improvements in browser technologies, computer hardware, and high-speed internet access have allowed developers to be more creative and focus on functionality, software integration, and style.  The result is world-class website availability for even the smallest businesses across different industries. Kudzoo Media, the Premiere Pocatello Web Design Company, specializes in WordPress Front-End Development. WordPress powers 35% of ALL websites.  That means any sized business can have a world-class presence online.

Other Options For Small Business


Kudzoo Media also recognizes the growing needs of small to medium-sized businesses.  Depending on your business needs, there are also many excellent hosted template solutions available that provide business owners with a low-maintenance and customizable website platform that we can build on for you.  A proper needs assessment will help to determine whether a hosted template solution is appropriate for your business.

The Kudzoo Media Difference

Kudzoo Media is a service provider and not a software vendor.  Though we have established relationships with preferred and trusted vendors, we are also not a subscription service provider. Many low-cost hosted template solutions, such as Wix or Squarespace, offer a modern and functional website at a fair monthly rate.  However, you will never own your web presence.  You cannot take your website from their platforms.  You must pay for your web presence indefinitely.

Many front-end content management system developers also charge a monthly rate for ongoing web administration and have a separate charge to take your website with you if you wish to host it elsewhere.  It is our objective that you own your online presence.  Our web development fees do not include recurring charges.

Trusted Vendors

How It Works

  • Complete A Needs Assessment Survey With Kudzoo Media
    Kudzoo Media will send you a needs assessment survey where we will determine what your website requirements are.
  • Vendor And Package Selection
    Based on the responses you provide in the needs assessment, Kudzoo Media will recommend and aid you in acquiring the necessary domains, hosting and site contents.
  • We'll Take It From Here
    From this point we'll work with you on an ongoing basis to build out and create a website that fits the look and feel you're going for. Your input and ongoing feedback will help us to deliver a beautiful and modern website that matches your brand.