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Professional WordPress Development

Kudzoomedia’s principle built his first website in 2003 using nothing more than HTML code.  Websites have come a long way since that time, both in function and form.  Improvements in available browser technologies, computer hardware and high speed internet access have allowed developers to be more creative and focus on functionality, software integration and style.  The result is world class website availability for even the smallest of businesses, and across different industries. Kudzoomedia, the Premiere Pocatello Web Design Company, specializes in WordPress Front-End Development. WordPress powers 17% of the top 1 million websites world-wide, and 24% of ALL websites.  That means even your small business can have a world-class presence online.

Pocatello Website Design

Kudzoomeda Website Design

Other Options For Small Business

Kudzoomedia also recognizes the growing needs of small to medium sized businesses.  Depending on your business’ needs, there are also many excellent hosted template solutions available that provide business owners with a low-maintenance and customizable website platform that we can build on for you.  A proper needs assessment will help to determine what your website design requirements are.


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Kudzoomedia Website Design is both professional and affordable.  Let us help you develop a successful and SEO optimized website that generates leads and matches the professional image you require.


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