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Hundreds of people are searching right now for your products and services in Pocatello and Southeast Idaho.  Whether on their desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, they have money-in-hand and are just looking for the right business to fill their needs.  Are you in a position to capture that online business?  Even the best of referral business typically takes to searching online when they’re ready to contact you.  If you’re not positioned to capture that business, you stand to lose out to the competition.  That’s where Kudzoomedia Pocatello Pay Per Click advertising comes in.




Pay-Per-Click 101


What is Pay-Per-Click? Pay-Per-Click is an advertising format that allows you to target prospective customers across search engines and partner websites, based on targeted keywords, as well as the context of the websites on which you wish to advertise. Google‘s entire business model is staked on providing the best possible search results to end users, and that includes paid ads. Just as the name implies, Pay-Per-Click allows your business to bid on positioning your ads in the search results or on partner websites, and you only pay when the user clicks on your ads. Your cost is a direct reflection of both the amount of competition you’re bidding against, as well as the quality of your campaigns. Bing and Facebook also offer some form of pay-per-click marketing, also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM.


Why Should I hire someone to manage my Pay-Per-Click campaigns?


There are a lot of individual factors that go into managing a successful PPC Campaign. Each ad service varies slightly from the last, but they are all in an auction format. Just like many individuals hire a proxy bidder at an actual auction, many businesses hire an agency or marketer to manage their pay-per-click ad campaigns. This frees up business owners to focus on practicing their own craft. A properly structured campaign will acquire more leads or sales, at a lower cost than a poorly structured campaign. This is because Google and others don’t just take the highest bid when it comes to placing your ad in the SERPs. They also factor in the quality of your ads and keywords in conjunction with their destination landing-page. This metric they refer to as a Quality Score. This component in conjunction with your bid determines your Ad Rank. Remember, Google is in the business of providing the best results possible to end-users. If they were only concerned with getting the most money per bid, you could be sure that long-term quality of the results would suffer drastically. In Short, you need someone working on your behalf who understands how to properly structure and improve the quality of your campaigns, so that you can obtain the best Ad Rank with the lowest bid possible.


Maximize your ROA


Quality Scores, Bids, Match Types, Remarketing, Extensions… Who has time for all of that?  You shouldn’t have to manager your own online paid advertising campaigns.  At Kudzoomedia, we’re Google AdWords Certified and ready to help you build successful paid traffic campaigns, but we’re not limited to Google.  We’ve helped clients duplicate their success on Bing and Facebook as well.  Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the PPC waters or ready to have someone take the work off of your hands, we can help!  (We can even handle the design work for your ads too.)



Why Kudzoomedia?


There are many PPC Agencies out there, but there is only one Premiere PPC Company in Pocatello. Kudzoomedia’s Principal founder has worked alongside everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in managing their pay-per-click advertising campaigns across Google, Bing and Facebook. He brings years of experience managing accounts and employees for a nationally awarded Google Partner agency, as well as advanced training in Data Analysis. What’s more, Kudzoomedia is solely focused on providing ppc services in Pocatello and Southeast Idaho. No more sitting on the phone with someone on the other side of the country. For a fraction of the cost of hiring an inexperienced college kid part-time, you can hire Kudzoomedia to deliver high quality marketing and consultation services that make money for your business.  If you’re looking for a Pocatello PPC Company, Contact us today!


Get Started!


“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” – Mark Twain

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