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Local Internet Visibility with Kudzoomedia Pocatello SEO


You see it everywhere; people glued to the screens of their wireless phones.  Whether talking to a friend, texting, gaming or searching for products and services, one thing is for certain; you cannot afford to NOT be online.  More than half of all internet traffic now flows through a mobile device, and how you position your business now will determine whether or not your business is flourishing in the next few years.  Mobile devices utilize the built-in GPS tracking to determine who is most likely to complete a business transaction with local businesses, and if you haven’t taken the proper steps to be an option, your competitor will get their business.  That’s where Kudzoomedia comes in!




Get On the Map


It’s no surprise that yellow pages went the way of the dodo.  They have since been replaced by a product that is superior in nearly every way.  Local search directories like those in Google and Bing/Yahoo provide an interactive and up-to-date way to reach your customers in their time of need. Is your business listed in the right places to rank for your products and services locally?  As the Local SEO Company in Pocatello, we can help you to build a unified profile of your business online, and promote it so that your business listing appears in major local search directories.


Pocatello SEO Basics


Search Engine Optimization has been a wild ride. Since the advent of search engines, businesses and marketers have been looking for ways to game the system and gain a competitive edge in the Search Engine Results or SERPs. Equally, search engine companies have been looking for ways to improve the quality of the organic search results and push businesses to their ad platforms. Organic results are unavoidable. In order to have the most complete information for end-users, search engines must include vast libraries of readily available free information. This ensures that when a user has a question, they turn to the search engines expecting an answer. Google has built their business model around providing great results, fast. But as the search engines evolve and become better at understanding the content and context of the information they are indexing, a users ability to artificially affect the organic search results is diminishing.


Want to appear Locally?


Historically, a webmaster could go out and buy a bunch of inbound links to a website and affect the search engines algorithm in a way that would tip the scales in favor of their site. Now, there is no quicker way to penalize your site and lose all organic ranking. This is not a bad thing. You stake your business on the quality of your finished product, and so do the search engines. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for your site to be authentic and to provide the expert voice that your customers expect. Do you want your website to appear organically? Here is a quick blueprint to get you started:

  • 1. Optimize your website according to best practice and up-to-date standards to be properly indexed by the search engine’s web crawlers.
  • 2. Provide Unique, Relevant and Valuable content on your website that speaks to your customers needs, and keeps them coming back for more!
  • 3. Focus on Local. With 60+% of adults in the US now utilizing smart phones, be in a position to capture that traffic. Invest in your Google presence across all of their platforms, but especially local.
  • 4. Be mobile friendly! Would you want to miss out on 60% of your business because you didn’t bother to offer an easily readable and navigable mobile site? Check your site’s mobile friendliness here: Google Mobile Friendly Test


Our Approach to Local SEO in Pocatello


Kudzoomedia takes a different approach to SEO in Pocatello.  We’re not as concerned simply with ranking.  Ranking alone is not an ideal objective for your business.  Instead, we focus on your visibility.  What effect does your marketing efforts have on your web traffic?  How does that impact your bottom line?  Our approach begins with a short survey to ensure that your business objectives align with our work.  Next we properly implement Analytics and Webmaster tools to ensure we can gauge and diagnose your existing site traffic.  We provide full keyword research, On-page Optimization reports and unique content around your products and services.  We implement the content for you (when possible).  We include our local listing service and build citations across major search directories for you as well.


Hire Kudzoomedia as Your Pocatello SEO Company


Don’t have the time or the expertise to handle the above tasks? That’s ok! We can help. We don’t expect that you have the time to handle those things, and that’s why we exist. Kudzoomedia is your first stop for Local SEO in Pocatello.  You practice your passion, and we’ll help you promote it. Contact Us Today!


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Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. — Wendy Piersall


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